Methods Of Secure Video Conferencing

Since this pandemic has changed everything, we are forced to adapt ourselves accordingly, like working from home, using masks, keeping our hands sanitized, and video conferencing. These things are surely keeping us all safe from the virus. But there is just one problem. As the cybercrime rate has increased, there is always a threat to data security when doing video conferencing. And there are so many businesses that have faced problems due to data leaks. 

If you don’t want your company to become the target of cybercrime, you should be very careful. But is it enough? No, it is not. Along with this, you should also know the tips to secure video conferencing so that none of the sensitive data can get leaked. 

When it comes to protecting the video conferencing, there are so many things that can be done. However, most of them are not that effective. And thus, it does not offer proper protection. But don’t get stressed because we have got your back. To make things easier for you, we have listed a few methods for video conferencing. You can follow them all and keep your business safe from the attack of cybercrime. 

No matter why you are conducting the meeting, these steps will ensure that you are always safe. So, let’s check them. 

  • Keep your meetings password protected: You might have heard or seen a lot of incidents where strangers are crashing video conferencing meetings. But do you know why this happens? It’s because people share the ID of the meeting on social media platforms. Besides this, it also happens because there is no password set for the meeting. And this gives a blank cheque to strangers to crash. 

So, to secure video conferencing, you should never share the ID of a meeting on any such platform where so many people can see it. You can use some other form of media for communication. Also, you should always set a password for the meetings. 

  • Always check unknown phone numbers: If you get a call from an unknown phone number, do not pick it. It’s because strangers always try to enter meetings so that they can collect all the sensitive information. So, what you should do is always check the user’s identity because making him/ her join the meeting. 
  • Prevent meeting recording: You should always enable the feature where only the chairperson can record the meeting. When you do this, no one can record the meeting, and thus, there will not be any privacy issue. 

Currently, video conferencing has become a part of our lives. That’s why it has become important to follow these steps and keep ourselves safe. Also, you should examine your video conferencing system. 

Kevin Kholi

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