Psychometric Analysis And Its Advantages

Assessments play a major role in recruitment and are imperative for assessing ones talent. There are a number of tests that are used to choose a potential candidate for a given job.Psychometry is one of them. A large number of recruiters use the results from these tests to make sure they choose the suitable candidate.

Filtering through the application forms a psychometric test is mostly used as a tool to assess the intelligence, capabilities or personality of the candidate. Recruiters firmly believe that these results help determine whether the person could process information required or meet the demands required of him in the professional atmosphere.

Competitive organizations now choose online assessments to cope up with the stresses of hiring the suitable match. At times they prefer a paper test. However there are few advantages why the online assessments have evolved as the most sought after formats of screening.


For a majority of the companies psychometric analysis is replacing conventional paper tests. They have become a prominent Hr tool, helpingassess the candidates acquired skill set easily. It is said that these tests were administered even by our ancestors.  An intelligent test for the purpose of educational psychology was the first of its kind. Though a common feature of the selection process of today in organizations it was only applied for student selection.  Alfred Binet was the first to have introduced these tests in the year 1905 and has been since followed by establishments to gauge the candidates without being unconsciously biased.


Recruiters easily project the pros and cons of hiring the candidate with this feature of analysis in interviews mainly because they act as possible indicators of future job performance. They help compare the candidates in terms of ability and are objective. The impersonal approach helps hire the right candidate and makes the recruitment process hassle free.  Above all it helps reduce HR costs minimising expenditure with at most efficiency.

Recruitment Process

A psychometric test can be given at various stages during the recruitment process. The person undertaking the psychometric assessment can expect them soon after submission of forms. However it can be conducted before the actual interview or as an add-on to the interview.

How does it work?

The evaluation is based on features that helps explore the capabilities and aptitude required of the candidature. The organization can vision if the match fits the values of the company or whether he or she wishes to join with zeal to contribute. They also ensure that the working style of the individual is in tune with the recruiters. The ability to handle pressure is measuredalong with a series of tests.

 These tests enable to check suitability based on the behaviour of the candidate. It also vaguely predicts the way of approach toward work of the individual. This helps build on responses or characteristics one shares with the top-performing employee indicating the level of match in performance.


One must be adequately prepared by familiarising with process with mock tests available online. There are a number of psychometric assessments available that can help in many ways to practice and prepare for the interview.


Wilfred Hawkins

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