Top Trades Occurred In USA This Year

Being the world leader for trades and investments, people look out to United States to take their business to the next level. This is the reason people are in the competition to gain a USA green card that serves as a gateway to trades and monetary stability.

United States is the leading trade partner of China, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany, importing and exporting a variety of goods.


1. Metals and industrial equipment

US have the biggest trade cycle in the world after European Union. The imports, usually, consist of machinery, metals, semi-conductors and stuff. Such trades are made with countries rich in metals and engineering.

  • Over $30 billion trade is planned with Japan for machinery and equipment.
  • United States has imported billions worth plastic from Japan this year.
  • More than a $ 100 billion trade gets scheduled each year from China
  • From France, U.S as per annual trades will import aircraft and ship parts.
  • Germany is expected to trade over a billion dollar iron and steel products from US.

2. Automobiles

United States imports a billion dollar vehicles and engine parts each year, and the trades are observed to be increasing year after year.

  • Over $6 billion imports from UK keeping in view the year 2013’s huge trade.
  • Other than vehicles US is expected to import a billion worth vehicles parts from UK, China and Japan.

3. Oil

Being one of the biggest traders of Oil, US trades worth billions of oil from Middle East and other fuel providers. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and other oil rich territories.

4. Alcohol

United States makes alcohol and other beverages trade from western countries like UK on a big scale. The trade of over a billion is expected to occur this year with the increasing demand of the drinks.

5. Medical equipment

Majority of foreign trade depends on the huge US import of medical products from China, Japan, Germany and other countries. According to the year 2013:

  • US imported $6.7 billion of medical equipment from Japan.
  • $2.2 worth products were imported from France.
  • $9 billion was imported from Germany.

Keeping in view the last year trades, it can be clearly estimated that the States will be importing billions of dollar medical goods from the G-8.

Top Exports of United States

US exports over $1.579 trillion material good to the world each year. These goods include:

  • A large number of semiconductors used in different kinds of machinery.
  • Industrial good, which are known to be the best quality and expert made.
  • A large number of electric apparatus, wires and cables.
  • A 10% of exports include automobiles and vehicles part. This may include the cars, bikes, scooters and engine parts.
  • Gems also contribute a large number in the US exports approximately $21.
  • With a large number of telecommunication trade, cell phones yearly trade is estimated to be over $20 billion. With the advancement in technology and launch of new and up models of the world’s biggest phone brands (iPhone and Samsung), this trade is expected to increase.

With such a great number of yearly trades, United States stands as one of the biggest trading nations with a strong stock exchange.

Kevin Kholi

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