What Are The Different Features Of Using Lanyards?

A lanyard may be described as a strap or cord for securing something with a clasp, hook or other item that is attached at its end. Lanyards are generally worn around one’s neck for holding a badge, ID, name tag or other items including the keys or cards etc. Custom lanyards are available in varied styles and colours.

Lanyards as per your choice

Those intending to buy lanyards are able to choose the same as per their individual choices in terms of material, its colour, length, width, design, attachments and design etc. Other accessories associated with lanyards include buckles, safety breakaways, badge holders and retractable badge reels etc. These unique facilities make the lanyards customised.

Lanyards present the following features:

  • Different materials, threads and colours – Lanyards are made from different materials and threads. Usually polyester, silk, nylon, cotton, satin, recycled plastic and bamboo etc are used in making the lanyards. It is the individual choice of the purchaser to select the same as per his or her specific taste. Colours of the materials also differ from each other. The purchaser may select the same in accordance with his or her choice.
  • Length – Lanyards are made available in different lengths. Those intending to buy longer lanyards may order for the same while few customers may be satisfied with short lengths of the lanyards.
  • Width – The width of the lanyards also depends upon its use. Many persons may like to wear wider lanyards around their neck while few may prefer to wear the same that are of smaller widths.
  • Attachments – Usually one’s name tag, personal ID or badges etc are attached with the lanyards. Identification with the custom logo or the name of one’s organisation may also be attached. Key rings, safety breakaway and buckles are also tied with the lanyards. Safety breakaways help in protecting the wearer from being strangled or choked.
  • Design – Custom lanyards are available in different designs as ordered by the customers.
  • Uses – Lanyards are generally used in schools, hospitals, conventions, business enterprises and government organisations. Security companies also make use of the lanyards that are worn by their staff. It may be noted that many concerns make use of the lanyards in the shape of promotional gifts that are given at special events including the conventional parties.
  • Benefits – Designs of the lanyards are beneficial in many respects. One’s personal identification details are usually attached with the lanyards that are worn by him or her around the neck. The onlookers can easily find out the personal identity of the wearer and his organisation.

The students in the schools wear the lanyards that carry the attachments in the shape of their identity cards that include their name, school name, age, parents’ details and the home address along with contact details. These lanyards are much helpful if any child is lost. The finder can easily take him/her either to the school or the parents.

Likewise complaints against the erring employees can be easily lodged. Their details are readily available on their IDs that are attached with the lanyards.

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