What To Look For In A Waste Removal Company

There are many waste removal companies who are available for hire to remove waste from your business. Whether you need to set up an account for weekly pickup or want something more sporadic, companies all over the country are vying for your business. With so many options, it can be tricky to find a great company who will work with you, give you a great deal, and has your best interests at heart. Read on for some tips on finding a waste removal company who will be the perfect fit for you and your needs.


Before signing a contract with a company to remove your business waste, make sure there are no hidden charges that you may not be aware of. It is incredibly costly to have your commercial waste disposed of legally, and a lot of companies will hide charges in your contact to help offset those charges. Carefully reviewing your contract and asking questions about charges you don’t understand will keep you from paying extra each billing cycle.

Landfill vs. Recycling

Waste removal companies should be willing to try to keep landfill waste to a minimum in order to help out the environment as much as possible. As well as being great for the earth, this will actually save you some money as well, as they will not be putting as much waste in the landfill. Make sure the company you are working with is dedicated to recycling and makes it as easy as possible for you.

Different Classes of Waste

Your contract, and ultimately your bill, will be partly determined by what kind of waste you are producing. Hazardous waste and clinical waste may cost more to dispose of than simple general waste does, so making sure your waste is classified correctly and then disposed of properly is important. In addition, it’s important to set up correct recycling bins for your company, such as dry-mixed recycling and glass collections.

Skip Hire

If you have excess waste or are not ready to commit to a contract, hiring a skip for waste removal is a great way to clean up your space and learn about a specific waste removal company. Companies can help you rent the correct size skip for your needs and then simply remove it and dispose of the waste when it is full. Renting a skip will allow you to clean up your business, as well as see how a specific company deals with customers.

There are a lot of things to consider before signing a contract with a waste removal company. Always check the contract for hidden charges and make sure you get discounts for recycling, if eligible. In addition to waste removal, some companies offer shredding services to ensure that personal information stays safe and that confidential information doesn’t end up with the wrong person.

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