How To Accelerate Your Motor Trade Business Into 2015!

2015 is on the horizon and motor trade businesses across the country will already be devising plans to increase their profit margins in the New Year. If you own a motor trade garage we’ve put together some supercharged tips on how to pull in more business in 2015. 


Introduce extra services 

Customers love convenience and the more services you offer the more likely they are to purchase extras and ad-ons. Investing in professional car wash, wax and interior cleaning tools requires a minimal outlay of cash but could quickly earn you a significant income. Scratch repair services are also a great money spinner! If you’re unsure what your customers would be interested in think about whether or not you’ve received any requests in the past or even try asking existing customers what they would like to see introduced.

Roll out customer rewards and incentives 

In 2015 most drivers will still be feeling the Christmas sting on their credit cards. Entice them in with rewards, incentives and offers that they simply won’t be able to resist. Think loyalty programmes, buy-one-get-one-free offers, multi-car discounts and more. Strategies will largely depend on your current financial situation and how much you can afford to sacrifice. 

Invest in an advertising campaign 

Used by practically every industry on the planet, advertising is a hugely effective way of drawing in business. As well as appealing to your existing customers advertising campaigns also promote your business to a new market. Depending on the size and cash flow of the motor trade business advertising budgets will differ quite considerably. If your business is small and local try placing an advertisement in the community newspaper, posting flyers on public noticeboards and hand dropping leaflets in mailboxes. Those with a larger allocated budget can splurge on full page newspaper spreads, radio advertising and even TV commercials. Be sure to keep track of whether or not business is increasing and adjust advertising spend accordingly.   

Review current insurance policy 

All motor trade businesses should be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. Yet far too many owners are paying too much for their cover. A great way to save cash in the New Year is to review your current motor trade insurance policy and see if it can be replaced with a cheaper yet equally as comprehensive option.

By following these four simple tips you can make sure that 2015 is your most successful year to date!

Kevin Kholi

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